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about printing
reforming (Registered) 2011-01-10 10:53:45

I have not read Credenda/Agenda since you cruelly stopped sending it to me in the mail. I miss the hardcopy. Could you put the new editions in a pdf that I could print? Are there new editions or just random articles? Help me. I am a systematic person and need to read the next issue before I go on to others. If I read random articles who knows what could happen.
Griddle Fresh
Roger Ball (Registered) 2011-09-15 10:26:46

I'm in the same boat as the guy/gal above. This format bears no resemblance to a magazine. There is no title to the issue and nothing to suggest that it even is an issue (unless it's called "Griddle Fresh" Ha Ha!). It looks like a bunch of misplaced blogposts instead. Please, please, please, make a PDF version of the entire issue with a title and TOC and everything. Thanx!!
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