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Dear Friends,

After a hiatus of two years or so, the hard copy of Credenda/Agenda is back. The online version of Credenda kept us going for those years, but as we all recognize, ones and zeros just ain’t the same. We are grateful for the Internet giving us this breathing space, because it was the new digital world that created some of our troubles in the first place. And, at the same time, we have appreciated the fact that over 92,000 readers have dropped by this little site. So for all your support and continued interest, thankee.

Allow me a few minutes to explain (at least part of) what happened to us, and what we figure to do about it. The traditional system of magazine publication is subscription based, supplemented with advertising income, or maybe it goes the other way. This placed us at something of a disadvantage, for we didn’t have subscriptions and we didn’t accept paid advertising. What we did (for twenty years) was publish on the strength of the donations that came in. When we had a lot, we published a lot, and when we didn’t, we didn’t. But it got to the point where it was just not sustainable—to use a hot new word.

We knew we wanted to return to hard copy publication, somehow. But how? Well, we think we have it figured out.

What we plan to do is this. As part of this solution, we have combined the two literature ministries of Christ Church, Credenda and Canon Press. If you are not on the Canon Press e-mail list, we would ask you to go and sign up now. You can do that at or just click here. What we are going to do is treat each issue of Credenda as though it were a magazine/book hybrid. When the latest issue is going to the printer, we will send you an email blast notifying you of that fact. You will have a button to click and, easy as that, you will have ordered that issue. Subscriptions will (in effect) be one issue at a time, (although there will also be an automated way for you to sign up for all of them), and we will charge your account for one issue when it mails. This also means that, if you see from the cover we send out that the issue looks like it is going to be a stinker, you don’t have to order it. Huzzah for consumer freedom.

At the same time, we are aware of those of you who still continue to donate to this ministry. Many thanks. Know that we will always attempt to remember you concretely (with, oh, say, glossy pages).

If you order a copy, read it, like it, and want to give it to an old college friend now living in Duluth, you can go back to the site and order another one to be shipped to your friend.

Many thanks for your support, and please make sure we have your email address. Again, the best way to give it to us is right…here. 

Cordially in Christ,

Douglas Wilson, editor

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