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Volume 20


What Africa Can Teach the North

Volume 20, Issue 2 / Summer 2008


Scholars, please. No kissing in the library.


Peter Leithart offers Africa as the antidote to modernism (and reads several books).



Douglas Wilson blasphemes food fads.



Nathan Wilson feeds a snake.



Ben Merkle gets to pish-poshing an elderly earth.



Douglas Jones casts out imperial demons.


The Contents of our TABLE

Cave of Adullam


What Africa Can Teach the North / Peter J. Leithart

Forty thousand bodies flowed down the Kagera River into Uganda’s Lake Victoria. Hutu boys and men who had grown up playing soccer with their Tutsi neighbors turned on them.


The Fat is the Lord’s / Douglas Wilson
It is not surprising that since eating is so important to man’s identity as God’s image bearer, God set the test before us in the form of food.


Walled City

Setting Priorities
Douglas Wilson

Competence and Dogmatism
Douglas Wilson

Are All Illnesses the Real Deal?
Douglas Wilson

Respect Revisited
Nancy Wilson


Reading Notes from the World of Leithart / Peter J. Leithart
Cilia, flagella, and other cellular structures are inexplicable in a Darwinian system, “far past the edge of evolution.”


Jack / Nathan D. Wilson
Jack might have a mental problem (or a theological one). Or he might just be constipated from his dehydration spell.


Old Earth / The Ben Merkle
Clearly, a chronology structured around the highly symbolic number “ten” (suspiciously preceding the giving of the Ten Commandments) should cause us to immediately realize that this text is not about “history.”


Exorcizing Empire: A Reading of John’s Apocalypse / Douglas Jones
You have become weary in doing well, weary in resisting a suffocating idolatry. You are cut off. Some have slid from faith.

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