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Volume 20

Meet Martin Shakespeare (Puritan)

Volume 20, Issue 3 / Winter 2008


The world must be peopled.

Doug Wilson plays dot-to-dot.

Peter Leithart finds a hero.

Nathan Wilson breaks a tooth.

Ben Merkle gets poetical and ecclesiastic.

Toby Sumpter ponders the unwashed.


The Contents of our TABLE


Cave of Adullam

Martin Shakespeare, Puritan / Douglas Wilson

Like Shakespeare, Martin Marprelate had a teeming brain. His writing overflows with metaphors, many of which bear the mark of a truly unique way of looking at the world.

Making Room / Peter J. Leithart

It’s always essential to remember that any analogy between the life of God and the life of man is interrupted by an apophatic dis-analogy. Besides, “creeping pericho­resis” is kind of cute.

Walled City

Polytheism and Polysexuality
Douglas Wilson

Your Kid’s Facebook
Douglas Wilson

Christendom, Structured Loyalties, & the Local Congregation
Douglas Wilson

Drop the Luggage
Nancy Wilson

Ingested Words / Peter J. Leithart

In Berlinski, the new atheists have a formidable opponent, a mathematician and philosopher who combines wide knowledge of science and Western culture with sharp analysis and entertains with a cutting wit.

Ecclesiastical Poetry / Ben Merkle

An accomplished poet can find his way from one particular image to almost any number of meanings. John Donne can work his way from the blood-sucking flea to a longing for sexual consummation.

Other People / Toby Sumpter

The temptation is to see the multitudes and try to figure out ways to send them home.

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